2018 FOLA Events scheduled to date:


What about FUNdraisers?

This year we want to put the FUN back into FUNdraisers! Why not have a great time while making a difference in your community?

Our Harvest Day boat ride fundraiser attracted quite #a crowd! Many people who participated in our boat ride fundraiser expressed interest in participating in #another one.



May 5

Annual Clean-up/Volunteer Day. From 8:00am to Noon

Come out and help us spruce up the Lake and its surrounding public areas for another year of warm weather enjoyment at the Lake.



June 9

Boat Ride FUNdraiser! From 12:00pm to 4:00pm at Lake Afton. Did you miss the April 21 Boat Ride Fundraiser? Did you attend the April 21 Boat Ride Fundraiser and wish you could do it again? Here’s another chance to have fun while making a difference in your community. For $5 PER BOAT RIDE you can take a canoe or pedal boat around Lake Afton, passing by its wildlife as well as the popular giant rubber duckies on the Lake. Get a selfie with a rubber ducky!



September 15

Annual Yardley Harvest Day AT LAKE AFTON!

Stop by the Lake for some fun activities and great gifts for yourself or someone special while helping us to raise money to take care of Yardley’s town jewel.

Did you miss the April 21 and/or June 9 Boat Ride FUNdraiser? Did you attend one or both of the previous Boat Ride FUNdraisers and hope that you could do it again? Here’s your chance! Still only $5 PER BOAT RIDE!




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